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Thread: The ADA needs to do something about this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RollPositive View Post
    I think the point is with a little advance effort and talking to the hotel direct you by pass the stress of the unexpected.

    Know when wants to start a trip off arguing for a day just to prove "I am right"! More so if I am mad and yelling it's a terrible experience for my spouse.

    It's very important it does matter who you are talking to and 3rd party reservations company and 3rd party sites like, Trivago, etc can create much more hassle and knowing all hotels price match would not save any money anyways.

    So make sure you book in advance, talk with the General manager via phone and confirm with email and call a day or so in advance or email and confirm your expectations and needs.
    I agree! Definitely talk to a general manager. Have them take pictures of the room and bed. We have been burned a few times recently. We will do everything possible to keep it from happening again.

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    its quite the challenge when we were at sorrels ranch Utah they had tio have 2 guys pick me up and put me in bed I could useslide board to get out really got interesting in shower could not get in chair from bench but that's what towels are for

    that I never thought about that bed until we got there I had said wheelchair and boy was I lucky

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