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Thread: A reliable national DME around OKC

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    I agree. But is it all on the DME? Because we interact with the DMEs, they become the scapegoat. Sure, they could do better. But the problem goes deeper than the DME alone. Insurance companies and Medicare guidelines are making it impossible for DMEs to provide certain products and services. That means they have to find ways around the system. When they do that, we get upset at them for taking too long. I know all this because I know some DMEs who are telling me their nightmare stories of how they try to help and get punished for it. Naturally, they don't want to accept more orders if it means a loss to them. Then they get blamed for that too. They aren't all bad. Before you shoot me, the messenger, just know that I have been waiting for a wheelchair order for almost 2 years now. I'm not making excuses for them. I am just saying there is more to it than many people realize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patton57 View Post
    I've been working with DMEs since the 80s and I think we're at rock bottom here. I've never seen such a mess in my 29 years on wheels.
    I know the feeling!
    First couple DME's I had to do business with via my work insurance and had no input from me. Prescribed equipment was handled by insurance, I'm guessing bid out or who insurance had a contract with for DME, cause depending on what equipment was prescribed was who delivered items to our home. Like bed, chair or other equipment was usually different places.
    My work insurance ended. After dealing with a few different DME's my family found one that was great. Dealt with this same DME since mid 1990's. The business sold, I think 3 times without any problem. Business as usual about repairs, parts and new chair process. Now it sold to national company and we are lost. Some files they say were lost or didn't transfer.
    We had figured once new Rx and demos of recommended chairs it would be like before business as usual like the 3 times shop sold before, I was wrong.

    I know I sound like I'm blaming the DME, that's why didn't put the name in my posting. Maybe it is just how DME business is done due to regulations and limitations, I honestly don't know.

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