Has anybody got the Paravan Space Drive system fitted in their vehicle? I was wondering if anybody has still got the analogue system that was first brought out. I found out recently that there is a fault in the analogue system that Paravan was never able to remedy. Basically, what happens is when you start the vehicle, instead of the system setting itself up for driving, it switches off automatically and then the CPU crashes which means you can't get it to start again. The only way around the problem is to disengage the backup battery which involves pulling out a couple of fuses and pulling apart a plug which are normally found under the passenger seat. Once you've done this and you disengage the backup battery everything resets itself and you are okay to go. However, if like me you are not able to do this yourself then you've either got to hope you've got somebody with you, or pray that you can find somebody to do it. Even so, you still got to know which plugs and fuses need to be removed momentarily.

I'm really surprised that Paravan ever let the system be sold worldwide. It should have been recalled straightaway. It could leave somebody in real trouble if they are on their own and in the middle of nowhere.