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Thread: New Powerchair and new insurance choices.

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    New Powerchair and new insurance choices.

    Due to a strange situation I am having to change insurers in mid year. Coincidentally I am planning for a new complex rehab powerchair this year.

    My choices are a medicare ppo w/drug coverage ( Humana,BCBS,Aetna,AARP UHC) or a Medigap supplemental plan and separate drug plan (very expensive).

    I am looking for experiences with the advantage plans as far as getting a rehab Permobile tilt, recline etc.


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    Medigap supplementals, in combination with the Medicare part D plan will typically be more expensive than a Medicare managed care plan or a Medicare PPO. Increased cost usually equates to increase flexibility. Cost savings usually requires restriction of some sort, whether a network provider or perhaps, hopefully not your case, some type of DME restriction.

    If you absolutely cannot afford the Medigap/part D option, and just be sure to speak to someone at the proposed PPO plan(s) regarding the DME benefits compared to regular Medicare and what the procedure would be to get a new power chair.

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