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Thread: Hospital stay venting...

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    Hospital stay venting...

    After a recent hospital stay, I thought I'd vent some (and I have found these to be true of all levels of hospitals I have stayed)...

    1. I've learned the more revolting a task (aka, doing the bowel program), one shift will do it's best to pass said task on to the next shift.
    2. If you wear an external catheter, and it comes off, you are never wet. Nor are your sheets.
    3. No matter how well you know your care and what works/doesn't, it is often ignored.

    Feel free to add your own.

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    all very true! and if you have an ostomy make sure you bring supplies as the hospital most likely either won't have what you use or will take days to get them from central supply! also if you use a chest PT vest make sure you bring yours with you! and have either shown a family member how to set it up for you or can walk someone thru setting it up for you!
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    Always, no matter how long the the stay, have an advocate for you from the outside, spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, good friend who can help keep the worst from happening and can request intervention by staff superiors if your needs aren't met and your well being is at risk.

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    You make such a good point, gjnl. I learned this with my father's hospitalization many years ago, and it was quite a shock back then, when most people thought of the hospital as an oasis of safety and concern. We caught medication errors, housekeeping blunders (dead roaches under the bed on an infectious disease ward!), unchecked infiltrated IVs, wrong tests ordered (or right tests never ordered), etc., etc. Constant vigilance was the order of the day, and this was in a teaching hospital! At one point, the nursing supervisor actually told me that my father had a little spirit above his shoulder who told her that my father wasn't sure that he wanted to recover. I reported her and no one believed me, but at least after that she steered clear. It makes my blood run cold to think about it, to this day.
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    I get extremely overanxious in the hospital (even just in the emergency room when I know I won't be staying more than a day), so I try to avoid going. I can't do anything in bed, not even control the TV.

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    Sometimes I feel like hospital stays are more harm then help. For one, forget about getting any rest. I was recently hospitalized for 4 nights, and did not sleep during that time, primarily due to having breathing issues. I hadn’t slept the 2 nights prior to being admitted, so I was so sleep deprived that I felt delusional, and my vision became very strange. I don’t see how my body could begin to heal itself in that state. I began feeling better once I got home and started sleeping.

    Another issue is staying hydrated. I was admitted with pneumonia, and it was constantly stressed to me to stay hydrated to help with the secretions. Unfortunately I can’t drink independently in the hospital, so I felt I was even more dehydrated. I didn’t feel hitting the call bell every few minutes was appropriate.

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    I'm used to having support workers 24/7 so find hospital very stressful. After my last 1 night stay I had my advance directives altered so that I can't be admitted for anything that requires an overnight stay. I'm quite comfortable with that, know what it means and am prepared for the outcome. I'm not prepared to suffer more than I am now and a hospital stay is suffering.

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