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Thread: sticky hand controls

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    sticky hand controls

    Anybody have any advice re push pull hand controls with a sticky accelerator pedal? I think they are MPS, just the standard kind. The handle is sticking when in down (accelerate) position, and I have to push it back up, instead of it going back up on its own. The car is also "bucking" when I accelerate to go up a hill, almost like it may not be getting enough gas? Its not a transmission problem, the car is a new mazda with less the 25K on it. Just seeking a simple cure (oil the rods?)before I have to pay someone to look at it. Hand controls were installed in AZ and I'm in CO so cant go back to dealer for maintenance. thanks for any advice

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    Doubt if oil is going to do any good. It's a good possibility the controls weren't properly installed, or perhaps something is binding due to a poor installation. if you know anyone that has some mechanical skills, or even a farmer, have them take a look at it before you take it to the "experts."

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    The hand controls probably worked correctly at one time and now they don't. Is that right? If so I would suspect they mounting slipped out of alignment due to not being tightened enough. If it were mine, that is what I'd look at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Podkane View Post
    The car is also "bucking" when I accelerate to go up a hill, almost like it may not be getting enough gas?
    Maybe the pedal isn't being pushed far enough down? Easy to verify. With the car off, push the hand control all the way down and check if the accelerator pedal is all the way down. If it is then the hand controls are doing their job and the problem is elsewhere. If not, what NoNoise said makes sense - adjust and tighten.

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    post up a pic.

    a link to a video showing them stick would help even more.

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    thank you all...knew I would get good feedback from you guys! I will try to post a pic- as nonoise said- the controls have worked fine up until about a month ago, when we were coming back from a road trip where I used the cruise controls almost exclusively. it started out as the throttle handle sticking in the accelerate position, and I had to push it back up. just progressed to the bucking thing over a couple weeks. My husband looked the controls over and oiled some stuff, but he is no mechanic. We'll try August West suggestion, as last resort, then maybe find a mechanic here in town, before going into the "experts" in the Springs. Thanks again guys

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    Having driven with hand controls for over 40 years, and installed a few hundred sets, I have never seen a set that didn't require periodic service and lubrication.
    There are usually several close fitting parts, pivots, ball joints, etc.
    When I lived in areas with varying humidity and temperature, it seems the parts develop a little layer of rust-and on close fitting parts, that can cause binding, like you describe.
    Seriously, if the accelerator is sticking, GET IT SERVICED!-You are dangerous to yourself, and everyone else on the road.

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    heard that rlnguy! will be taking my car in next week to get them looked at. All the advice from others appreciated, however.

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