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Thread: Check out and subscribe to this great new YouTube channel "Totally Normal"!

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    Check out and subscribe to this great new YouTube channel "Totally Normal"!

    Its really nice to find a good YouTube channel from someone that is in a power chair!

    Check out how tos, rolling adventures and product testing!

    Dont forget to subscribe he needs 1000 + followers getting close at 934 now!

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    I agree that it is great to see a awesome channel by someone in a power chair I have subscribed thank you for sharing his channel

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    Your welcome and Thank you for subscribing! Its important to support creators as it takes a lot of effort to put the content out and make it entertaining!

    I also picked this video of the many he has posted to show his thoughts on the crap batteries Pride uses for the Edge 2.0!

    Chairs are only as good as the batteries that support them...8 miles on a charge...JUNK!

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