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Thread: Coming Soon.. RISE Adaptive Sports

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    Coming Soon.. RISE Adaptive Sports

    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    RISE Adaptive Sports Parasailing Program. Facts and Questions (FAQ) (Updated June 1, 2018)Is Parasailing Dangerous? Yes, RISE is the First and Only Adaptive Parasailing Program in the World for just Personswith Physical Disabilities. The recreational activity is extremely dangerous and can cause death or severe injury.When can I Parasail? Wind Conditions must be under 15 mph including gusts. Please send contact information and your name will be on a list. We will notify you via email or text a few days prior toavailable dates and times.Is Parasailing scary? It’s quite the opposite. Parasailing is very serene and peaceful. Take-offs and landings are veryslow and gentle making you feel as if you are truly "floating on air".Do I need to have any experience to parasail? Absolutely not! If you can sit, you can fly!Are there any age or weight restrictions? Minimum age is 6. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parentor guardian sign their liability waiver. Minimum combined weight is 160 lbs. and maximum combined weight about450 lbs. Weight requirements change daily due to wind conditions and are subject to Captain's approval.Can two people go at the same time? Yes! Besides it's a lot more fun to go up together! Some restrictions applydepending on weight and wind conditions; ultimately, it's the Captain's decision.Do you take-off from or land in the water? No, you take-off and land directly on the boat! After we fit you with aspecial parasail harness, you are seated next to your partner(s) on the flight deck and then gently launched andretrieved using a hydraulic winch system.Do I ever touch the water? Eventually we will dip you but not until we get more experience. At that time, It's up toyou! Just let the Captain know if you want to stay dry or get your feet wet. We call this a touch-'n-go!How High do we fly? The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) awarded RISE an LOA Agreement which limitsflights to 300 vertical feet from the surface of the earth (CFR 101.13).What should I wear? Bathing suits if you want to get wet, otherwise shorts, T's, and flip-flops. Occasionally, it canbe chilly, especially in the morning or winter months so bring a sweatshirt and pants so you can layer accordingly.Honestly, we can fly you in a dress or tuxedo- remember you don't have to get wet!Can I go along just to watch? Depends on number of participants on the boat. Space is limited.How long does the excursion take? The excursion is part parasailing and part boat ride, so you should plan onbeing out on the boat for about an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and half. The parasail boat holds up to 15passengers who take turns flying one or two at a time.Are you specially trained and experienced and or licensed? Yes! Both Captain and crew are specifically trained inall aspects of parasailing, boat handling and flight procedures. We have limited experience and no specific licenseis required by law. Just remember, this is a NEW PROGRAM IN A VERY DANGEROUS SPORT. We take all necessaryprecautions and have strict safety procedures but our Flight Training Instructor nor anyone in the World flies alllevels and ages of physical disabilities only. THIS IS AN EXPERIMENTAL PROGRAM.
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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