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Thread: NSM National Seating & Mobility : Experiences verdict opinions etc.

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    NSM National Seating & Mobility : Experiences verdict opinions etc.

    Anybody use these guys ?
    Thoughts ?
    Opinions ?
    Verdict ?

    Apparently they were bought by a Hedge fund !! ?

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    I can't believe that name even exists. They were my vendor when first injured, and inspired me to take care of all my mobility needs on my own.

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    Yep, mine too. Nothing like a healthy markup over retail list pricing, and having to hound them to process paperwork they are in possession of.

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    My experience with them has been great. I guess it varies by location & staff.
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    My experience initially was lukewarm, but new mgmt has been great. Are they franchised? From feedback on this forum it seems the experience varies significantly from location to location (and staff, as alissa points out).

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    We have all heard of nightmare stories with DMEs. I was pleasantly surprised with NS&M. They were pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NW-Will View Post
    Anybody use these guys ?
    Thoughts ?
    Opinions ?
    Verdict ?

    Apparently they were bought by a Hedge fund !! ?

    Just finished advocating for someone in SOCal and they are terrible! Both the ATP and the Permobil rep dragged their feet, slow to respond and normally what would take 90 days took over a year to get this new power chair and the configuration was wrong!!

    No pros all cons!

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    My experience with them has only been with repairs. I think it depends on the actual location you're working with as to how you judge them. I've worked with 3 locations, 2 have been so-so, the 3rd has been super.
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    They are the absolute worst. Well, let me preface that, they are the absolute worst at getting you a custom chair. It's like they've never done it before and have no idea what they are doing and don't particularly care how many years it takes you to get your chair (yes, years).

    I've been working with them for a little over a year (I think I met with their representative and the PT in October or November of 2016), and I have no idea how close I am to getting my chair, but I suspect it might not be in 2018.

    The guy who did the measurement was okay I guess, but that's not hard to do. I told him PRECISELY the measurements and options I wanted, he wrote it all down. Then he disappears. I call two or three times a week and they tell me they are waiting to hear back from Medicare about whether or not the chair will be approved. I ask them very firmly about 12 times why they need medicare's approval as medicare won't be paying a penny (I have BCBS for primary insurance, medicare is secondary). They get all bitchy and tell me they will "go to jail" if they only run the chair through BCBS. I ask them politely to let Medicare deny the chair, I mean what do we care, right? They're not going to pay anything, they say this is also illegal and they will "go to jail" if they let Medicare deny the wheelchair and do not appeal. When I realize I'm getting nowhere with them and only pissing them off with my constant phone calls, I back off a bit. It takes them 5 months or so of me calling them every week or two and they tell me Medicare denies various parts of the chair and they send another request 3 times.

    During the time that I am only calling them every week or two, I ask on 4 separate occasions to be sent a list of chair measurements and options. They tell me this is impossible. I don't worry about it too much because I told homeboy EXACTLY what I wanted in the chair (I literally downloaded the order form from TiLite and went line by line).

    Finally, about 9 or 10 months in they tell me the chair has been approved by medicare, though a lot of the options have been denied and all they need is $150 to process the order. I say "fantastic" please send me the order form showing what I'm paying you for and I will send the money today.

    It takes two months of me calling them obnoxiously frequently and them stating that I can't talk to a manager and they cannot possibly tell me what chair I'm ordering or what the dimensions are or what the options I'm getting are. Finally I figure out that they might be paranoid that I will just take those dimensions and go to another DME (believe me I wish I could) it takes a couple weeks for me to convince them that they are the only DME who does custom chairs that is in-network with my BCBS plan (which is true, I wasted 3 months before this current exercise in futility going through another company, only to learn in the end that they charge 40% copay instead of 20% because they are out of network). During that time that I am trying to calm their paranoia and explain my rationale for needing to see what I'm getting I have to go to relatively extreme measures. In my emails I start putting my ", MD" a the end of my name, which isn't a lie, and then flat out state that I work closely with a rehab hospital (this is much more of a lie, there's a rehab unit in the hospital i work at, but I have nothing to do with them).

    Finally, after months of this, they relent and send me a file I can't open on my computer, but can open on my phone. It's a partial list of measurements and options, and whaddaya know, it's wrong... on multiple, multiple sections: they weren't ordering a cushion, despite me specifically requesting one, they were trying to order SXLX Spinergy wheels (which isn't a thing and not what I asked for), they hadn't ordered the Titanium upgrade and they'd just straight up measured the chair wrong in about 1/4 of the dimensions... this is a full year after I requested to see the options they were ordering originally and I've asked them to send it dozens of times... and I still only have a partial list. So I send them a complete list of what I want, again going down the TiLite order form (which actually changed between when I started this process a year ago), and again I tell them I will give them my credit card number AS SOON as they can show me what they are ordering and it all looks correct.

    They go silent. I call, but can't get anything but the run around for another month. Finally I decide I'm just going to call them twice a day until I get some results (or more likely just get lied to so I leave them alone). So I call them every day making the same request, to see the updated order form or at least a list of what they are ordering (shouldn't be that hard, right? i mean they've got to tell TiLite what they're ordering). They send me a piece of paper showing what Medicare denied so i can tell them to bill me later if Medicare denies it (what do I care, right? Medicare isn't going to pay anything.. also, fun fact Medicare denied the SXLX Spinergy wheels, which was a laugh, I'd love to see the approve wheels that don't exist), I send that back the same day and politely tell them that's not what I was asking for. They send me a bill (this time for $1800 instead of $150, but whatever, that's about what I expect to pay), still wont tell me what I'm ordering.

    Then a few weeks ago they finally send me the EXACT SAME incorrect, partial order form they sent months ago. They tell me this is "all they have"... the scanned document they sent me is one page long and clearly says "page 2 of 3" in the lower righthand corner. I finally sweet talk the incredibly obnoxious and rude office lady into giving me the number to the rep who did the wheelchair sitting for me with PT, and I've had his number for about a week. The number goes straight to voicemail and his inbox is full so I can't even leave a message.

    So starting next week (14 months from my original sitting) I am going to call their office and ask to speak to a manager twice a day and leave voicemails on top of that after business hours, and I'm going to call and text the rep who ordered the wrong chair twice a day on the off chance I was given a cell phone number and not an office phone.

    There's really nothing I can do, but I have to tell you if I could go back in time 14 months I would go with the other company in a heartbeat. It would only cost an extra $1000 or so, but when I went through them they told me EVERYTHING had been approved by BCBS in less than 2 months and were ready to put an order in (for the correct chair with the correct measurements). That's $1000 to get my chair AT LEAST a year sooner than I will end up getting it with the horrible human beings who run NSM, may their company go bankrupt and their corporate soul rot in a hell of bureaucracy and red tape for the rest of eternity....

    I mean goodgoddamn, I assume they only make money when I put in my order, don't they realize if they delay everyone who orders a chair by a year or two that's significantly less money THEY will be making???? I assume I can't get another chair 5 years after I put in the order for a new chair, only 5 years after I actually get it. If my local branch is not atypical for the national chain they must be loosing millions of dollars a year by delaying people from ordering a new chair.

    Sooooo, since none of you (I hope) read that unnecessary rant I put up above I will summarize:

    1) They are the WORST EVER (and this is my third chair with the second one being somewhat of a nightmare to get as well)
    2) I have been working with them for 14 months and they haven't yet allowed me to actually put in the order
    3) It seems they do not know how to order a custom chair
    4) Customer service is atrocious
    5) All of the staff members I have worked with (about six so far) are impressively incompetent, like they are trying their best to make sure I never ever get my chair.

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    I feel a bit bad for saying how horrible their employees are. I can only imagine what a hell-hole it must be working for a corporate red-tape machine like NSM that is so incompetently run. The rep who measured me would probably be a halfway competent warehouse worker if he put his mind to doing something productive and the ladies in the office could probably make mediocre McDonalds employees if they didn't have to actually speak to any customers.

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