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Thread: Sudden Increase in Spasms

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    Sudden Increase in Spasms

    I am C7 complete and have never had much of a problem with spasms. I take 10mg of Baclofen, once at dinnertime and once around 5am.

    About a month ago I noticed that instead of the usual 2-4 seconds of leg twitching when I first laid down, I was having 10 seconds or more, and slightly more severe. About 10 days ago, I started having leg twitching during the night, lasting 1-2 seconds and repeating every 30-60 seconds. Sometimes this goes on for an hour or two, more than once during the night. The focalpoint of all these seem to be my hip flexors and extensors and maybe my quadriceps. I have also started having spasms sitting in my chair, that is new for me. Usually it is just a few after I start rolling after sitting still for awhile, like at the computer. But this afternoon, after getting up from a nap, I was jerking around enough to have to hang on to my chair. This lasted several minutes. I do not like the direction this is trending.

    Possibly related events: Ten days ago I fell out of my standing wheelchair, apparently banging my left knee. It swelled up and though the swelling is mostly gone, it still does not want to bend past 90 degrees. When I manually move my knee joint, I get no flush of AD or any indication that it hurts. Also ten days ago, I showed my first flu symptoms, generously shared by my wife who had been sick for a fewdays. I had already been on a once-daily dose of Tamiflu, and bumped that up to twice daily. Flu symptoms were mostly cold sweats and extreme shivering. I am over that now.

    I do not know of any other sources of unresolved pain: No sign of skin breakdown. No UTI. Constipation is under control. Hemorrhoids are no worse than usual.

    One other thing. About the time I first noticed increased spasms, a month ago, I also noticed improved performance on the ERGYS E-stemcycle. I was suddenly able to ride longer and stronger than I had in years. A PT and I theorized that the two might be related.

    Any suggestions for what is causing the increased spasms and what I can do about it? (I am bumping up my Baclofen dose as a trial.)
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    Suddenly increased spasticity, like AD, can be a non-specific warning of something causing your body pain.

    Did you have your knee examined or Xrayed to be sure you didn't break a bone?

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