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Thread: Frequency of front door opener button

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    Frequency of front door opener button

    I've had a door opener on my front door for as long as I been living in this house. It's got to the stage where I need to replace the little button hands around my neck. Basically, the plastic button is starting to split and sometimes it takes me a while to actually get the door to open. Does anyone know how I can find the frequency of this opener? I approach the manufacturers of the door opener and they want a fortune to replace the receiver in order for me to have a new button. However, I'm sure there's a cheaper way of doing it.

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    Someone may recognize your door opener system and know a good work around. If you give us the manufacturer and model number that could help.

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    If you don't know the manufacturer, generic replacement controls are available from hardware stores or online. You use yours to program the new one just like programming built-in automotive door or gate controls.

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