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Thread: EZ lock bolt

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    EZ lock bolt

    Hi, has anyone who has had an EZ lock system temporarily removed the bolt under their chair? There've been times when I know the chances of the bolt interfering are likely, and thought it might be an option to remove the bolt.

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    It can be removed, no problem, just make sure you measure the length so it's the same when you replace it.

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    Yes, we did this with my mother's when we took her chair on cruises, as the thresholds on the ships are fairly high and would hang-up on the bolt. My dad made a little wooden jig to make it easy to get the right length when replacing it before getting back into the van.

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    Great, thanks for the feedback. I recently took a mini vacation to South Beach Miami, and two hours prior to our pickup to return to the airport, SuperShuttle called and stated that their lift van was broken down. We had to call a wheelchair accessible taxi, with the rear entry ramp. The ramp was configured oddly, in that it had an incline, then level, then another incline. My bolt got caught up on the ramp, and it took four people to "free" my chair. I've also had issues when trying to take the local regional rail, getting caught up on the entry doorway.

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    If I recall correctly the hex head on the bolt is 3/4", and there should also be a jam nut that you loosen first, that should be the same size as the bolt.

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    That bolt can be a big problem when out in grass or anywhere where there are obstacles sticking up. I don’t always stay on paved services. What I did was change my bracket a little just like a Reese hitch on a truck. Pull one pin and slide the bolt out of the framework and works great. The conversion company’s won’t do this but I have with no problems.

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