Hello, all! New to the forum, but learning a lot quickly. I use a manual chair and just got a Pacifica with a VMI conversion. The minivan has an in-floor ramp, 6-way transfer seat base, and Power-Pull. It also has a Q'Straint docking system. However, the dock needs to be relocated. It is currently installed behind the front passenger seat. This has caused a few issues:
  1. When my wheelchair is locked in place on the dock, it prevents the driver seat from making full rotation because the two chairs collide;
  2. I have not found a way to make a smooth, unobstructed transfer between seats; and
  3. The dock is placed so far behind the passenger seat that it becomes difficult to roll out of the dock and onto the ramp.

I am new to the world of vehicle conversions and I have not seen how others have handled this situation. I asked the technicians and salesman at the dealership for guidance on this issue, but they had no advice beyond, "it's up to you." Where do you suggest or where have you seen this type of setup operate smoothly?