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Thread: Anyone running tubeless wheelchair tires?

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    shox!! never have a flat again. I'm not in my chair for performance that's what my h/c is for so I would rather run chair tires that might be a bit less performance and never have to worry about getting a flat.

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    I keep a set of wheels handy shod with Shox "110psi" solid tires for traveling. They work fine but no where near as high performance as my go to Schwalbe Right-runs inflated to 145psi. Very similar to Marathons not entirely pumped up, though. At 145psi even Marathons have noticably less rolling resistance. The only time I ever use the solid tires is when a flat would be an incredible ordeal (like when flying, or when 1,000s of miles from my house or car tool kit.)

    I know you don't mean "solid", but I still think they're a better option than tubeless.
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    Running solid ones as they do not go flat or need to be pumped up. Less hassle. Cushion provides suspension.

    Rims cannot have any leaks if tubeless tires are used. I.e. need to be sealed.

    Tubeless pneumatic ones will need tubes if the rims are stuffed. This is a common fix.

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    I use the no flat tire liners and they are great. Solid rubber inserts! I made 3 metal spoon like tools from tent stakes works great just have to use lots of soapy water when installing tires.

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    i use the tufo tyres on my basketball chair is that the same thing? its like the tyre meets an under part and you just push them on the rim and blow them up easy, they are expensive though almost ?50 each and you can put something like almost 200 psi in

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    rad, i think u mean tubular not tubeless rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    rad, i think u mean tubular not tubeless
    Tubular tyres are glued onto a special rim. The tyre is a complete circle with no rim bead. I can't imagine it being used on any type of chair but I may be wrong.

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    many run tubular on bball chairs also called sewup.
    Quote Originally Posted by mrb View Post
    Tubular tyres are glued onto a special rim. The tyre is a complete circle with no rim bead. I can't imagine it being used on any type of chair but I may be wrong. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    These are tubeless tires. The tube is the tire and the valve is in the tire. I have a set I took off a basketball chair as thought they were worn out, but maybe they are supposed to be smooth. Anyway they were mounted on ordinary Sun rims which I then installed conventional tube and tire.

    So I dug these Sealsports up the other day to see why I kept them. We pumped them up to 50 lbs. They are holding at that that pressure without being mounted to anything. I have no use for these indoor tubeless tires.

    Closeup of my tubeless tires, no rim, with 50 lbs air pressure:
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    Those look like tubulars.

    Tubeless look like clinchers but have an extra layer in them and have to be paired with special rims that look like clincher rims but have extra seals.

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