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Thread: Chair meets crutch: Ossenberg Folding Carbon Fiber Forearm Crutches

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    Chair meets crutch: Ossenberg Folding Carbon Fiber Forearm Crutches

    What's the main thing that will prevent real world use of the robotic exoskeleton? A well designed forearm crutch that is portable enough to carry on an ultra-light wheelchair.

    Let's face it, the only thing that rigid frames and ergonomic crutches have in common is that nobody knows what life is like when you depend on them unless you actually do.
    Even fewer people understand what it is like use both together.

    For years, I have been looking for a well designed reasonably priced portable forearm crutch that was compatible with my ZRc. The only model I could find in the US was a Walk Easy model that had a lot of drawbacks.

    I discovered this model from Ossenberg on the net last year, but couldn't find any online vendor who sold them here. I recently found a small online source in Canada who stocked them and was willing to sell to customers in the US.

    I bought them sight unseen. I'm please to report that they exceeded my expectations and for about $235 US per pair, they were well worth the investment.

    More later.
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    Thanks for sharing! Been a while.
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    Thanks for the post. I love to see wheelchair add-ons that help one's independence.
    In recent past I started using oxygen daily and found no source for a B tank pouch to attach to a front down tube of my chair. Hubby managed to find a cloth bag to hold the tank. Not ideal but it works.

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    Sweet! Thanks
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    Thanks for this.

    How are they attached to your wheelchair frame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlh View Post
    Thanks for this.

    How are they attached to your wheelchair frame?
    I just hang them over the multi-purpose horizontal handles I installed. They are strapped to one another so they don't swing back in forth and hit my spokes.
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    They could be also attached to the front frame for faster access. I am contemplating that set up for going through airports.
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    2018 Update

    I liked these so much, I purchased a second pair as a backup over the internet from Cool Crutches by Jackie ( in Toronto.

    It probably goes without saying that I did make a few mods to make them more usable. The most significant mod involved mounting very strong rare earth magnets (N52) at the end of the grips and the side of the cuffs. These allow me to stick them to each other or to switch plates or other ferrous surfaces.

    I'll write a post when I finish my new set. This time, I'm going to try using screws instead of superglue. While mounting magnets sounds like a trivial matter, it's actually riskier than most people think. They will take a chunk of your finger off if you don't pay attention.

    Stay tuned...
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