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Thread: This is Ami zillazangel. Chad died

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    Amy, those videos are absolutely beautiful. The love and joy that you, Chad, your son and your whole family (including your dear doggie) shared are so present and vibrant. The last photo in your sideshow, of Chad rolling away alongside your son, brought tears to my eyes but they were tears of appreciation for the fullness of what love is. Thank you for coming back here to post those links.
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    Great send off to an extraordinary guy. May you and your family find peace in the days to come from all the wonderful memories you all created.

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    Ami, glad that you posted the links even though you said that you'd never be back. I watched today and feel like I lost a friend that I never knew. Thanks for the memories and the chance to see photos of small boy and his iterations.
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    Thank you for coming back and sharing these videos.

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    Thank you for sharing the videos! Chad seemed like a friend to everybody he met!

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