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Thread: What's your experience with a power wheelchair?

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    Post What's your experience with a power wheelchair?

    Do you have a SCI injury and use a power wheelchair? How was your experience getting it? Did someone help you get started? PatientsLikeMe is teaming up with Permobil to learn from people with spinal cord injuries what it?s like getting a new power wheelchair and how the process could be improved to better suit their needs.

    Interested in participating? Take the survey here:

    PatientsLikeMe, on behalf of a power wheelchair manufacturer
    Participants recruited through: (PLM), and through other avenues that may include social media (e.g. Facebook), patient advocacy groups, and personal networks.
    IRB: New England IRB study WO 1-2574-1 (exempt); If you have questions about your rights as a research subject, or you have questions, concerns, or complaints, contact the New England Independent Review Board (NEIRB) at 800-232-9570
    Researcher: Kristina Simacek is a research investigator on this study. For questions or more information about this research you may contact her at (617) 500-1623

    If you want to know more about me, my name is Lauren and I'm Study Experience Manager for PatientsLikeMe. If you haven't heard of PatientsLikeMe, we're a free website where people with any disease or condition can track their health, learn more from others by comparing treatments, symptoms and experiences, and connect directly with people who have the same condition for support and advice. As people report on their condition and share information, they're contributing data that helps to advance research about their disease.

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    @lynnifer apologies! Unfortunately, you have to be a U.S. resident to take this particular survey

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