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Thread: Spinal Stimulators... Are these 'equipment'?

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    Spinal Stimulators... Are these 'equipment'?

    I hope this is in the right section.

    I was offered a BurstDr spinal stimulator for pain control of low back and legs. I have read all the normal things about them but was hoping to hear some cold hard truths about anyones experience with them and whether I should risk it...

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    I had one doctor that had me check it out.. and another doctor, who didn't fill me with very much confidence regarding the device!
    Folks have spoken how the wires can move and then it just doesn't work.
    I had the consultation with the specialist and wasn't left feeling any more confident about it , I never followed through..
    Medronic also make a device.

    Be interesting what they would say about this vs RFA !

    Now my doctors are talking about RFA - I'm going in for steroid shots tomorrow to see if they help, and if they do.. they follow through with the RFA procedure.

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    I have had injections here and there both for bulging discs and facet joints. Nothing worked and actually made my pain worse in some cases...

    I guess I was thinking that at 'least' it could be removed if it didn't work????


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