I have threads with photos for some of these items but here is a list of everything I have for sale. Some of these items I bought new and used myself. The rest came from a mobility company that went out of business. I wanted 1 item but had to buy the contents of a whole shelf to get it. Right now they are taking up most of my bedroom and living room and I'm ready to clear them out.

Comment or inbox me for prices and photos of specific items. Or just make me an offer. I'm negotiable and will make even better deals if you want more than 1 item. Located in Harrisburg Pa but will ship

1.SmartDrive MX1 power assist device in great condition

2.Roho Prodigy mattress overlay system ? Brand new

3.ROHO High Profile Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion 19.5 x 22 -like new

4.Invacare Matrx flovair cushion 16x18 - like new

5.Invacare Matrx MX1 carbon fiber backrest. 15" wide, low height - Like new

6.Comfort Company Acta-Embrace backrest. 22" tall. Fits chairs 15-17" wide - brand new

7.Comfort Company Versa X cushion 16x20 - brand new

8.Comfort Company Maxx cushion 18x18 - 1 brand new, 1 used

9.Comfort Company Elements adjustable backrests ? brand new 2 different sizes
Small - 16" tall x 17.5" wide pad, fits chairs 15-21" wide
Large - 16" tall x 24" wide pad, fits chairs 21-26" wide

10.Stealth products headrest for power chair ? like new

11.Comfort Company BodiLink headrest for power chair ? like new

12.Quantum Tru Balance-3 Sport backrest pad for power chair 20x20 ? 2 brand new

13.Permobile cushion 16x16 ? like new

14.Roho hybrid elite cushion 18x18 ? like new

15.Varilite Evolution cushion 17x17 ? like new

16.Jay basic cushion 17x17 ? like new

17.Comfort Company curve cushion 16x16 ? brand new

18.Comfort Company elements cushion 16x16 ? brand new

19.Rose Gel cushion 16x18 ? brand new

20.2 Carex ring cushions 16x13 ? brand new

21.Rose ring cushion 16x13 ? brand new

22.FitRight XXL Briefs ? 3 packs of 20 never opened

23.Tilite tension adjustable backrest for chairs 20" wide - brand new

24.Medline sling back for chairs 20? wide ? like new