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    Anyone who has had pneumonia? Wondering what your recovery was like, and if you have any advice.

    My Dad is a 75 year old walking incomplete para. He's had a rough past 6 months with multiple medical issues unrelated to his spinal cord injury. Recently, while he was at home recovering from his ruptured appendicitis (!), he developed pneumonia. He is improving, but it's another set back.


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    Fortunately, he is recovering at home so far. No ER visits, but saw his Primary care doctor right the day after he spiked a fever.

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    The older a person with other medical issues the slower the recovery
    stay the course try to keep moving and sitting up and changing positions

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlh View Post
    Anyone who has had pneumonia? Wondering what your recovery was like, and if you have any advice.
    I have had pneumonia multiple times and the last three times I caught it while in the hospital. Then I discovered the pneumonia vaccines. I highly recommend that everyone get vaccinated. I also recommend regular exercise. Prevention is the key. As for recovery, keep the lungs clear and free of congestion.

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    I've got it right now. It could take several months. My doc has me using a nebulizer to inhale a drug called Duoneb to ease my breathing.

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