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11/14/2017 08:52 pm ETUpdated Nov 15, 2017
Last year, researchers at Columbia University published a study on mitragynine finding that it activates opioid receptors without triggering respiratory depression, the side effect of narcotic painkillers that is typically responsible for fatal overdoses.”

That's actually not at all what the paper they cite says. It's a mu opioid partial antagonist. This means it depresses respiration. There may be also some stimulant properties, thus much like mixing cocaine and heroin you won't have as much respiratory depression from the heroin because the cocaine amps you up and increases respiration.


36 deaths have been attributed to Kratom. Several of them had pulmonary edema suggesting that respiratory depression played a part in the death (most just found dead with Kratom and not much else in their system).

Based on what evidence we have so far, Kratom is probably less dangerous than heroin and oxycodone, but not by very much. It's definitely more dangerous than marijuana and maybe more dangerous than cigarettes.

I'm all for legalizing drugs of all kinds (but regulating them strictly to make them difficult to attain), but Kratom is not some benign substance that just happens to give you an opioid high. It kills people and if you use it chronically you will have withdrawal (ie you will be physically dependent or "addicted" in layman's terms). It can cause psychosis (hallucinations, hearing voices, paranoia, etc) and no one knows what the long term effects of chronic use are. If you're gonna put stuff in your body don't get your "sciencey" information from huffpo