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I am a walker and at 6 months was just emerging from a wheel chair onto crutches. 8 years on, the improvement continues, maybe no so fast. At the 6 month point, one of my legs was very doubtful and I was very concerned and asking your same question.

You wilL probably have a routine of exercises to do. I found I reached a plateau after a few months and had to move on to a new type of exercise to get a gain. But the most hopeful sign is to get a slight movement of the weakest muscle and then you can build on that.

I had zero glutes and zero calf inner at 1 year. The glutes recovered, I have about 35% bulk now, 8 years on. More importantly, my zeRo calf remained at zero until about 3 months ago when I manage to 're activate it using an experimental electro stimulation system. Also important to say that a comment I heard from some physios was the muscle system might never recover to itS best pitential without the right physio. In other words a compensatory gait might evolve and with correction, dormant muscles might near spark into life again.

Fatigue of recovering muscles is also important to know about, meaning that over exercise of muscles enjoying their early recovery can be hampered by over exercise....at least this is my belief....that going slow and waiting and trying different approaches seems to be a worthwhile strategy. The time scales seems to vary widely and in my case with muscles dormant fir 7 years plus, one has to ask the question was it spinal recovery or finding the correct therapeutic method. Hard to say.

Non voluntary rectal muscles did also improve, slowly. If its any consolation, you don't absolutely need a box full of the latest gizmos to get improvement but they can help a bit, seems to me that their value can be in training the patient to conduct exercises correctly rather than the direct passive result of using various tools.

Hope this helps a bit. I also work and wish I had more time to work on rehab so if you are laid up now, you might use the opportunity as best you can to do what rehab you can and familiarise with methods you can.
Best wishes.
What was this experimental electrotherapy that you did if you don't mind me asking.