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Thread: Permobile M5 vs Quantum Q6

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    Permobile M5 vs Quantum Q6

    I want the Permobile but my insurance carrier just approved the Quantum Q6. It's actually more complicated than that. I was under the impression that my insurance carrier wanted a second opinion so I was put in contact with another wheelchair provider, who also did the whole evaluation thing, and brought out a demo Permobile M5 for me to try on their second visit. They were in the process of writing up a quote for that when I was excitedly informed by the first company that I was approved for the Quantum.

    The first company actually took care of my last chair, and didn't do a great job with it. And both last time, and this time, they were nowhere near as thorough as the second company was with the Permobile. The first company was basically pushing the Quantum really hard on me from the beginning. They claimed that Permobile was under investigation, plus there had been other problems with that brand. I've been suspecting that this is all because they knew my insurance company would probably approve the less expensive Quantum, which would obviously result in them making money.

    The second company had not yet submitted their quote for the Permobile but they were about to. And unlike them, with the Permobile, I hadn't even demoed the Quantum. Aren't you supposed to demo a potential new chair before a quote is submitted for it?

    So I contacted the first company (the pro-Quantum), whose quote was approved today, and told them about the second company (the pro-Permobile), and how they had been out a couple times, including with a demo Permobile, and they were completely unaware that this had happened. And now suddenly they want to bring out a Quantum for me to demo next week, even though it's already been approved.

    I'm so confused and angry about all of this. I also really want the Permobile. I realize my insurance company could turn down the quote for the Permobile but it hasn't even been submitted yet. There obviously is a major lack of communication somewhere because it makes no sense that I would go through all of that with the pro-Permobile company for nothing.

    So does anybody here have any advice as to what I should do about this? I'd like to tell them to hold off on the whole Quantum thing so this other company could submit the Permobile bid. And from what I've read most people seem to think Permobile is the superior option? Of course not surprisingly the first company (the pro-Quantum) claims the Quantum chairs offer everything the Permobile chairs do but for less money.

    And once again I have been with the first company for a while, which further complicates things. They also got a new mattress and Hoyer lift approved for me as well as part of this. The guy who runs the company has been nice to me but as I alluded to above he is nowhere near as thorough with the evaluation process as that second company was with the Permobile. He also sometimes comes off as a bit of a used car salesman. And finally I don't know if this matters or not but the Quantum guy gets a commission whereas the Permobile guy does not.

    Sorry if this is all a bit confusing but this was all dumped on me today very unexpectedly so my head is kind of spinning right now.

    I'm a C-4 - C-5 quadriplegic and I've been using an Invacare TDX5 for the last five and half years. Once again that chair was all handled by that first company (the pro-Quantum) and I've had all sorts of problems with it, which prompted me to start this whole new chair process to begin with.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Hi Paul, why don't you contact me directly and I'll see what support I can connect you to within Permobil. Regardless of brand, you as the consumer should definitely have a voice in the product selection process. You are one that will be using the chair for the next 5 years!


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