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Thread: New SCI podcast seeks to interview people who've traveled outside US for stem cells

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    New SCI podcast seeks to interview people who've traveled outside US for stem cells

    Hi everyone!

    I have a new SCI podcast starting up next month and we're looking to interview 2-3 people who've traveled outside US for a stem cell treatment. The show will publish Feb. 12th, so I'm looking to do a phone chat before then. It will be on

    Was the treatment worth getting? What kind of results did you see, if any? How was the hospital food? jk We're hoping to hear a few cool stories, both good and bad. If you're willing and interested, please shoot me an email:

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    I completed my podcast. I interviewed 3 quads. Allie (went to Michigan for a trial), Gabe (went to India) and Caleb (went to the Dominican Rep). Enjoy!
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    nice listen, hope you can do more like it... One constructive criticism is that the audio of the people being interviewed was pretty bad at times and sometimes even inaudible. But nice job
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