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Thread: Mechanic's creeper

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    I just remebered, you can change your oil from the top, trany fluid too. Get a suction pump and stick the tube down the dip stick hole. That's why those places won't change your trans fluid, because that's how they do it.
    I do that with domestic vehicles that don't have a tranny drain bolt. Though I find I'm not able to get the tubing to go deep enough to get as much out as you could with a drain bolt. Sure is a heck of a lot better than doing nothing though, and helps replenish the lift of the ATF.

    With motor oil I don't bother to do this though for 2 reasons: you need to get under there to replace the oil filter anyway. And if any sediment has collected in the bottom of the oil pan, it is more likely to leave through the drain bolt vs getting suctioned out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick1 View Post
    Human Hoist Power Shop Chair
    A product perfect for me.
    I contacted them last year. At that time the creeper was still under development and price undetermined. I will reach out to them again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gearhead View Post
    A product perfect for me.
    I contacted them last year. At that time the creeper was still under development and price undetermined. I will reach out to them again.
    Not just to work on a car, but just for getting off the floor if you fall. I tried email and calling, but no luck. If you hear anything please let me know.

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    Per their website they are available now (since 3/18) Looking at old emails I found their reply to me from 2015. Wow, time flies by. Seemed like last year I queried them. I'll email them again.

    From 2015
    Greetings and thank you for your interest in the Human Hoist, the ultimate powered shop chair. As of today we are working on getting it into production. So please hang tight and we will notify you soon. We know that the HUMAN HOIST is a tool that will enable you to work more effectively and longer into your career and/or hobby.
    LOAD CAPACITY is 300lbs. With the ability to add more torsion for more weight.
    TIME is about 4 seconds to raise and lower.
    OPERATES using 2-24 volt rechargeable batteries and will operate using only one of the batteries while charging the other. And will lift and lower approximately 60 times on a charge.
    SAFETY TRIGGER/SPEED CONTROL operates with dual control handles that must be used at the same time.
    OPTIONS such as wheel/tires for environmental working conditions.
    As of today, we do not have a price on the HUMAN HOIST, however we do want to keep this a quality product that will last a lifetime.
    We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest!
    Eric Brittingham and Kevin Ferguson

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    If money’s no object, their stuff is excellent.

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    If money’s no object, their stuff is excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Interesting. But the cheapskate in me says this purchased with a 25% off coupon and some old chair if desired might be easier to work and more economical
    I can appreciate wanting to change oil yourself, but it's not worth the hassle for me. But this lift looks useful for other things, like working on handcycle and chair. How do you jack it up? Use a stick or something? Can you take the handle off to get more clearance, Clarence?

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