I have suggested many, many, many times to various government offices that parking spots and placards should be color coded, not all blue. There are way too many placards being issued to and abused by folks that only needed them temporarily, family members, etc.

This way wider stalls could be marked green for folks that use chairs and need wider spots, blue could be for folks with hidden disabilities or mental/cognitive/behavioral disabilities that need to be closer to the entrance but can exit the vehicle normally. Something like that?

When someone violates this parking system, fines should be substantial ($1000-2500) and enforced with vigor, the additional parking enforcement officers will easily make a months wages and cover the employers burden in a day or two and everything else could be a cash supplement for municipalities.

The general population (not all of course) of sheeple will not pay attention to things that are rarely enforced and that lack any consistent repercussion....

I have parked at the back of the parking lot against a curb so I could get out/in my car without being boxed in by someone parking over top the yellow lines or an 85 year old with a placard that has no depth perception and suffers from dementia. When you ask them to move over they shout obscenities at you. Although, to be honest, I am somewhat amused and/or entertained by these types of situations they are a pain in the arse so I agree that folks with mental disabilities should be able to obtain a placard, I just don't think they should be permitted to occupy the wide stalls we folks that require mobility devices need. I am on the same page as Funk, I don't care if the wider/larger stalls are further away, I just want to be able to get into and out of my vehicle, period.

Most lots could be easily redesigned to accommodate some larger stalls with a means of safe(ish) passage by adding an additional curb cut at another area of the sidewalk and designating that area for pedestrian crossing and having it so that visibility is maximized instead of us having to roll out from behind some 4x4 with a lift kit and 35" rubber that is in the accessible stall beside me? Apparently being a redneck is a good reason to have a blue placard now too? (I know that opens up so many jokes)

I have actually taken a side impact from a pickup truck that through me a bit and bent my rims but did not damage the chair frame (yay tilite) other than a few scratches and it is completely due to driver error and road conditions (super icy). This happened even though I was parked in the closest disabled stall to the entrance at the grocery store, so being close does not ensure safety any more or any less than being far away. Property owners need to understand and exercise universal design principles, the general public (including us wheelers!) should have situational awareness and exercise caution to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Other than bowel and bladder issues, access to facilities and parking are the next biggest piss offs I have with being gimpy.