I am a 44 yr old female C6-7 incomplete spinal cord injury. 26 years post injury. My mom has been my caregiver for all my bowel needs. I have a worker through an agency paid by Medicaid but they won't pay the worker to help me with my bowel program. In 2012, I had a bladder augmentation and the mitrofanoff surgery done. I am so pleased with that and it has given me tons of freedom and independence. My mom is 70 and I'm so scared what will happen when she can no longer help me. I have an 11 year old son and don't want to end up in a nursing home just because I can't manage my bowel program. I've been researching things and came across the MACE / Malone procedure. This seems kind of promising to me, and I'm looking for advice from anyone who may have had this procedure done before. Has anyone with a spinal code injury had this done, was it a good idea and whatever information can you supply me with?