I have what I think is a straight forward question/need, I have MS and in a wheelchair, I live in the Montclair NJ area and live in a condo and moving within the condo from one unit to another. My question/situation:
I have ADA grab bars now for my shower and toilet area, the new unit I am moving to has a slightly different configuration thus I need an OT/PT to see what my present configuration is and see what the space is and make proper suggestions based on the layout and my abilities/needs. I set up the present ADA configuration BUT did it on my own and my needs slightly changed since. I called Kessler in West Orange NJ and they do not do home assessment consultation any longer. Tried to network on my own and have had no luck to date. I move in on February 15 and the condo has given me complete access to the new space until I move in to set up the ADA needs. Last, I just need proper guidance, I can hire a handy man to install if necessaryand I would pay direct versus insurance to avoid red tape etc,. Thank you in advance and I look forward to your ideas and suggestions... Dan