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Thread: What Movie left you....

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    Both good ones. Candyman scared me too. I'm a huge fan of scary movies.
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    Another movie scene that really freaks me out is the one in the Untouchables where Driss pours hot water or hot tea onto Philippes leg, and is incredulous that Philippe, a quadriplegic can't feel it!!!! Yowwy!!! Yikes!!!

    But, as above, going back to a kid...The Creature from the Black Lagoon...hands down! A couple of my buddies and I rode our bikes to the theatre in Cedar Falls to see this movie. I think all of us spent most of the movie trying not to get bubble gum in our hair because we were hiding under the theatre seats!
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    I totally agree with gjnl, Creature from the black lagoon. He was so scary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtop1 View Post
    I totally agree with gjnl, Creature from the black lagoon. He was so scary.
    Especially when you were 10 years old and it is the 1950s...pre the content of today's computer games!
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    I was an adult when in saw "The Exorcist" and thought it was kind of scary because it was based on an actual event.

    When I was 6 or 7 years old my older brother was watching a Frankenstein movie and the monster frightened me. My Dad explained to me that it was 'make believe' and just actors playing parts and made me watch the credits at the end of the movie.

    I watched many horror movies as a child and teenager, found some scary but none I would call traumatizing.

    I've mentioned in other posts that pre-sci I was a police officer and was a crime scene investigator for two years. That experience made realize that the most frightening things in the world are other people.

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