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Thread: winter pushing gloves

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    winter pushing gloves

    Hey, im after some winter pushing gloves, i have a some thin pushing gloves atm but they are too thin and they are fingerless but have the thumbs in tact, nice leather for grip like skin really, and i have some thinsulate wool winter gloves which are warm but are nowhere near water resistant and have no traction or grip so im looking for something inbetween, like warm but thin enough to have a good grip and push my chair properly, can anyone point me in the right direction, thank you

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    I have a thin pair of neoprene mountain biking gloves that work well until it gets seriously cold (<20 F) at which point I have two fall-back glove sets: 1. Perl Izumi winter cycling gloves or 2. almost-too-thick Carhart gloves.

    Option 1 can be expensive if you pay retail. REI is a good online source. Their winter gloves range from simply insulated to lobster-claw style where your four fingers go into two slots.

    Option 2 is less expensive but it helps to have a Carhart store to try all their various gloves on.
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    i just got a thinsulate pair of leather gloves from ocean state job lot for $6 bucks they works well and are very nice and warm actually.
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    The best cold weather gloves I found are made by Seirus (see full name below). They are not cheap, $53 on Amazon but they fit great and their grip is similar to that of skin without gloves on. The problem I have found with gloves is that they either have too much grip or not enough.

    Seirus Innovation 1171 Xtreme Waterproof All Weather Form Fit Glove

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    I use these. They're not particularly warm (they're gardening/work gloves), but the rubber offers fantastic grip and water resistance. Wet hands are a lot colder than dry hands.

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