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    Bruno Sto-Away

    Has anyone had any experience with the Bruno Sto-Away? I?m trying to set up my 2015 GMC Sierra and I?m trying to figure out what will work best. I?m really trying to avoid the turning seat. I don?t want to alter anything inside the cab if I can avoid it. I?m also looking at the Bruno Out-Rider to get my chair in the bed. I have a cap on my truck so I?m looking to add hydraulics to it to allow the Out-Rider to come out. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I used a Stow Away for a couple of years on my 2011 Sierra 3500. I bought it used and it had some issues with the limit switches and a bad jack-screw but once those were corrected, it was very reliable. The Out Rider was completely trouble free. I liked it because it is outside and left the inside un-molested. The transfers might be a bit sketchy at first until you get used to it but I would get one again if I get another truck. I sold my truck and got a Sprinter to keep my chair inside which is nice but I sure miss my truck.

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    I have one on my 2012 F150 4wd. I've got a suspension lift on the truck so the transfer is a little high but, not to bad for me. I have a regular cab so the stow away is pretty much the only thing that would work for me. I've had a few issues but nothing to horrible. As for the out rider I don't know. I don't have any type of crane to load my chair. I just transfer to the stow away. Then break down my chair I throw the wheels behind the seat then get in the drivers seat and reach down grab my chair and put it in the passenger seat. If someone is with me they can put it in the bed. If it's raining the chair will fit in between the seats and behind them kinda.

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