My non-SCI paralysis and aging issues have progressed to the point that transferring to the toilet is possible but difficult, let alone getting my slacks down before the transfer.

This site has been very helpful to me even though most of the suggestions deal with women who cath. The idea of having an opening in one's pants is great as then I could transfer to toilet with pants on, then open or pull fabric aside to urinate.
I had been looking into devices to let me urinate in my chair, using a fracture pan or a small collection device with a hose to a toilet or other receptacle. However I'm concerned about the major maneuvering to get such items in place while seated. This method, however, would help when visiting family where I can't use their toilets.

The modification of slacks/jeans sounds the most do-able for me when home. I'm thinking of making the opening a few inches to the side of the crotch seam instead of the seam, and then after transferring to the toilet just pull the fabric aside to urinate. (No underwear needed). With the opening far enough from the crotch seam it seems the fabric could be pulled closed without using Velcro. The idea of Velcro on my bottom does not sound safe or comfortable for skin as I have sensation.

Just wondering if there are any new or different suggestions on this issue. I'm looking forward to resolving this problem and drinking as much water as doctor recommends!