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Thread: Power wheelchairs recommendations

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    Power wheelchairs recommendations

    This is a question for people who have been Permobil users. Basically, I'm looking for anybody who has owned a Permobil but has then gone on to find another power wheelchair which they have preferred more than the Permobil.

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    I have used Permobil along with Invacare in the past. For the past 1 1/2 years I have been using a Rovi and have put 800 miles on it and I am still impressed with how well it works for my lifestyle. The real challenge is that everyone has different needs and wants in a power chair. Would you be willing to share your current likes/dislikes/wants in a power chair along with your typical daily use?

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    Since 2011 I've been using a Permobil Corpus 500 which offers everything I need including the tilt and recline which I absolutely couldn't do without. There isn't really anything about the Corpus 500 that I don't like. I've had it for nearly 7 years now and I've done 3237 km according to the clock on the joystick unit. I've replaced the batteries twice if my memory serves me well. The tyres have them replaced about three times as well. A couple of years ago the actuator motor on the seat tilt packed up and had to be replaced at a cost of around ?420. More recently the bracket on the backrest broke. And a few weeks ago I lost complete power to the wheelchair. This actually turned out to be a dodgy cable so it didn't cost any more than a couple of hours labour and some new cable. So in all the years I've been using the Permobil Corpus 500 it has been reliable. Obviously, I have to spend some time in bed waiting for a new bracket and also when the cable failed. However, that was my fault because I didn't have a spare chair. So I decided a spare chair is greatly needed.

    I don't really have much experience with other makes of wheelchair because the chair I had before the Corpus was the Permobil chairman. We have to go right back to the 90s to look at another make of wheelchair which is no longer in production. So my experience for the last 18 years has been entirely worth Permobil and I really don't have any complaints. I suppose if I was going to moan about something then it would be about Permobil themselves. Unfortunately, there are only a few guys running the outfit here in the UK and I feel that sometimes a little bit too much is put upon them and that's where Permobil let themselves down. Having said that, when they have managed to get here they have done the job properly so I'll say no more about it.

    I suppose I have to ask myself whether I should just bite the bullet and pay a high price for another Permobil that I am familiar with or go with a cheaper model of power chair and hope that I like it. The biggest drawback with going with a different type of wheelchair is that I won't be able to drive my van from the chair because the Permolock wheelchair restraint that is fitted in my van will only take a Permobil fitted with a specific piece of apparatus that will not work with any other vehicle restraint system. Okay, it may be nice to save myself six or ?7000, however, in six months time I may be wishing that I had gone for the Permobil. Sometimes you have to stick with what you know and trust.

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    I think the Permolock is not available now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldwheelz View Post
    I think the Permolock is not available now.
    I talked to the Permobil representatives at the Abilities Expo in San Mateo, CA in Oct. I was told Permalock is not available in the United States, but still available in Europe.

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