First off, is it illegal for them to just shut me down like that? I asked my local representative about getting a F5 wheelchair but he told me it would be too much trouble and that it wouldn?t even be guaranteed. He also said, and I quote, ?it wouldn?t be worth it for me to go through all this for you.? I would assume that he speaking about commission.

I would think that this is legal because all businesses have the right to deny service but I just wanted to check.

So I guess into the nitty-gritty. I live in San Francisco, California and my insurance is Medicare and Medi-Cal. I know that the F5 wheelchair is group 4 while Medicare and Medi-Cal only pay for group 3 wheelchairs. The thing that I asked the person at Numotion to help me with was seeing whether or not I would be able to apply for the F5 and simply pay the difference. The representative who called me a just straight up denied it.

What should I do in this situation? I would highly prefer a full standing wheelchair but I most likely would not be able to afford paying full price. I have checked craigslist near me but I can?t find anything secondhand. I found one wheelchair repair shop in the East Bay near me but they don?t stock these things either.

The representative did say that if I wanted to bump down to an F3 wheelchair with partial standing that he could help me with that.

The representative also mentioned that even in a best case scenario where he went through the entire process with me which would take over a year, I would still need to pay $18,000 in difference between a F5 and F3.That just does not feel accurate to me. Five years ago when I got my M 300, the total bill was $55,000. Just a month ago, a guy that I speak with got his F5 for $60,000. All options fully loaded the price difference should not be that drastic right?

I?m in need of a pretty urgent wheelchair replacement too. It?s not like anything is broken or what not but it just does not fit me properly anymore. The seat depth is too short, The chest laterals are broken, the armrests are twisted out of place and various other things. The technician said that all the electronics on my wheelchair are perfectly fine but the various things that I do need to replace will add up to quite a sum. Everybody and their mother has been recommending that I hold off on replacing these things because if I do then I will not qualify for a brand new wheelchair.

What should I do in this situation? Continue to pursue the F5? I wouldn?t know how to do so since Numotion has refused to work with me. Change to an F3 instead? I?m open to this if I?m not able to get the five but I really want a full standing power wheelchair. Buy used? I haven?t seen any near me and the ones that I have seen online are not really Taylor to my injury. They seem more for a manual wheelchair users than a quadriplegic in a power chair