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Thread: great app for people with no hand function to use phone or tablet with only head move

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    great app for people with no hand function to use phone or tablet with only head move

    This is a great app to let people with no hand function use a phone or a tablet with just head movements. I've tried everything and this really works Anthony will start using it
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    If this works on an android phone would this work on a Chromebook too? I'll try it.

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    Can run Android apps on Chrome OS via ARC Welder, but limited functionality.
    I run Android apps on ARC Welder on Chrome on GNU/Linux.

    Maybe better on Chrome OS as Chrome takes over the whole desktop.
    Native Chrome app would be better. NaCl (Chrome C API) would be better.

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    Hey guys, founder of Sesame here -
    While not initially tailored for Chromebooks, the app does work to some extent on the Chromebook:

    You can control other Android apps with it, but it does not take control of the entire ChromeOS environment. We're definitely looking further into this, but currently a nice big tablet is the best way to use Sesame on a big screen.

    App can be found here:

    Let me know if you have questions!

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