I've been a quadriplegic due to an SCI in an automotive accident 29 years ago, and I have always found my best results in seating came with the use of a Roho cushion. I was a teenager when initially injured, and never had any issues with seating for many years using my Roho cushions. As the years have gone by and I got older though, I found myself more and more frequently struggling with minor skin irritations due to moisture induced skin damage from the accumulation of sweat on the cushion?s surface. It's not like I'm sitting here profusely sweating all day; it's more of like just the combination of my body warmth on a rubber cushion all day without the ability to properly relieve pressure. Some people call it, for lack of better terminology, swamp ass or monkey butt. Just wondering if there is anyone else who has dealt with this, as well as what you may have tried to rectify the problem. I do have a follow up to this post, but I would really be interested in hearing some responses first.