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Thread: Recommendation on Disposable Leg Bags

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    Recommendation on Disposable Leg Bags

    Hi which disposable leg bags are the best for a quad to use?
    I?ve used urocare?s reusable latex one for years with condom drainage. However I?ve got surgery coming up that will require me to go to an indwelling urethral foley for a while and disposable bags should be better in preventing infections.
    The urocare uro-safe vinyl disposable leg bag and Bard flip-flo dispoz-a-bag both look like they might work and both have optional clamps that make emptying easier. They look a lot flimsier than the latex bags I?m used to though. Anyone have experience with either of these?

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    I used Urocare's latex leg bag for years and then switched to Urocare's disposable vinyl bag when I had a supra pubic catheter placed. The Urocare bag is strong and durable. I change bags two time during the month, but I probably wouldn't need to change that often. The latex leg straps are a pain. I think Urocare has cloth straps that fit the bag, but I prefer to use the Urocare leg bag sleeve. The larger of the vinyl bags offered is a bit too large for the sleeve (length), but it works anyway. You do have to make sure the red valve is working and not stuck. Push a cotton swab through the valve before attaching to your extension tube and catheter.

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    Bags, Leg, FLIP-FLO™ Valve, 18" Latex Extension Tubing, 32 oz., Fabric Straps (1 Pair)#650832 (case of 50)

    Bags, Leg, FLIP-FLO™ Valve, 18" Extension Tubing, 32 oz., Fabric Straps (1 Pair)#150832 (4 bags)

    Hollister combination pack: 30 oz. urinary leg bag, (1), extension tubing (18" long, oval, 11/32" effective inside diameter) with connector, (1) pair of fabric leg bag straps, medium (23" long, 1-1/8" wide) #9349 (box of 12 bags)

    Good for 1 month without leaking, all with quad-friendly emptying valves.

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