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Thread: Question Sweating while sitting in wheelchair

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    Oldwheelz - Was that a Ride cover made specifically for Roho or a regular Ride cushion you put on a Roho?
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    Juut ordered the right size. The cover is sort of a mesh. Others will say there covers breath but just try to blow thru them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhomis View Post
    Several weeks ago, I had made a post asking if anyone had struggled with was moisture control issues from sweating while sitting on their wheelchair cushions. It is an issue that I have suffered with for several years as of late, with nothing working. Recently though, I tried to come up with something that would rectify the issue and I think I may have come up with a mechanical solution. I am posting photos as well to show what I did, but I essentially took an extremely powerful air pump powered by rechargeable batteries and mounted it underneath my seat. Air from the pump leads to tubes that lay at the bottom of the upper surface of my cushion between the bubbles and blows straight up towards my skin. The pump is very quiet and you barely notice that it's on unless you're in an absolutely quiet room, and so far, the results of been fantastic. Just wondering what anyone here thinks about it.

    brilliant !!!!!
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