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Thread: State cracks down on improper use of disabled placards

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    the other day I told my son I didn't want to go get the mail (I live in a condo complex and the mail boxes are quite a way away) because I didn't want to go through the hassle of putting my shoes on. He asked why I had to put my shoes on and I said because I'd look I a real cripple going to the mail box with just my socks on. He got a big laugh out of that, saying "Oh yeah no one will notice your crippled if you put your shoes on".
    Ha, I do the exact same thing. The garbage chute in my building is literally 30 feet from my front door, but I'd never go take the trash out without putting on my shoes. As if someone is going to think the pitiful thing about me rolling down the hall with a trash bag on my lap is the fact that I'm wearing socks.

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    San Diego DMV cracks down on abuse of handicap placards

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