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Thread: scar tissue problem

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    scar tissue problem

    Dear friends,

    Two months ago, my toe nail was removed. It was removed entirely and the base of it was "burned" in order to deny the regrow.

    Now, on that place i have a scar, but when I try to put some shoes, it bleeds. I've asked my doctor about what can I do, but he didn't reply with any useful advice. He told me to wait that the scar will came off.

    Now I'm asking for your advice. How can I treat the scar tissue zone? Are there some lotions which can help me in this case? I'm thinking to ask in some pharmacy, but idk what to ask for.

    any feedback is welcome. Many thx in advance!

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    For some weird reason sun screen is suppose to help scars. I use aloe and lanolin to soften the area.

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    Scar gel- sold over the counter.
    Pad and wrap before putting on shoe until healed.
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