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Thread: Really need some quickie xtenders

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    Really need some quickie xtenders

    Hey, guys, I don't post much, but I'm in a pinch. I primarily use a set of quickie xtenders (the older ones that 3x right?) they are starting to glitch, and the right one is barely working. I need them to get around the house I need them to keep my job and volunteer work. I just dropped a bunch on some also much-needed equipment so I really cant pay a lot. I don't need the chair or battery or charger or anything extra. I just really need some wheels before mine are completely unusable! I'm sure we can work something out at the right price I am even willing to try to take out a loan. I'm desperate it in Spring (near Houston) Texas. I'm really in a pinch, so anything helps maybe even a possible trade I have assorted medical stuff just pm me if you even have a lead PLEASE!
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    i sould note if its a 18x18 chair included i may go with the newer quickie xtenders or e-motion m15

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