I am trying to find out where I can get a less expensive SCI oriented quality physio therapy?
My Idea is to get some kind of walking therapy (with body weight support & FES induced if possible)
for 4-6 months or longer with affordable settlement.

I am from Canada and our Health care is not supporting my idea about 3-4 hours of exercise daily for 6 months.
USA clinics are way too expensive as I don't have special insurance.

I went several times to my native Bosnia & Herzegovina and there you can get great physio & care for $ 2000 monthly
but they lack of expertise in new therapies or equipment.
Checking out LaPradera Clinic in Havana, Cuba but they are asking too much money ( up to $ 10,000 / month);

I am open to international places with experience and good record.
Any information or idea is highly appreciated!!!