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well had the eval we are going with a tilite aero z matrix elite back, roho cushion and actually the same person who saw mw for my first chair in 2009 also did this one. so we had quite a bit to catch up with.lol i also found out i have a bit of scoliosis go figure she said that is why my body and back hurts after sitting for awhile i guess that explains it. so we are going for the matrix back instead this time. to give me some lateral support as well. she also said the next chair if we need to i can get a deeper back if i want to but she thought the 3' one would be enough. with some side laterals as well. she said all in all expect at least a 3 month wait maybe more if medicare gives them a hard time. and she has seen it since i do walk a bit in the house for excerise.
A deeper back would be helpful at forcing me to stay well postured. I've used a 3" inset for years now. My hips and back are getting very contorted and i'm constantly (like every 45 seconds) trying to reposition myself. I'd love a more supportive back, but when folded, the side bolsters majorly restrict the fold.
The resultant package is VERY difficult to get past the steering wheel in the car! The back canes are ~45* to the seat framing.