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Thread: Need a foot plate for a Quickie GPV

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    Need a foot plate for a Quickie GPV

    I have a really really old Quickie GPV that I'm messing with right now (smart drive fits on it unlike my real chair). At some point I removed the foot plate, was probably going to adjust it but never put it back on and now its lost. I am addicted to my smart drive but rolling around without a footplate is uncomfortable if not dangerous. Any body out there have an old GPV they dont care about? Wanna give or sell me the foot plate?

    It'll be about 3 months before I see my new Mike Box chair and my smart drive hitch doesnt fit on my ancient Eagle Hurricane. The smart drive is so fun I can't wait 3 months even though there is plenty wrong with this GPV (no foot plate, seating doesn't fit etc).

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    I have found stuff on ebay

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    I have my eye on ebay. there are alot of foot rests but no rigid foot plates thus far...

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikferret View Post
    I have my eye on ebay. there are alot of foot rests but no rigid foot plates thus far...
    This one:
    I'm sitting on a GPV. It looks correct. You may have to saw off one side of the footplate to fit if it's a little too wide though.
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    Single footplate ? Or left side ? Right side ? Color ?

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    Originally it was the tubular rigid style. No left side/right side. Don't care about color. Not sure if the one listed on ebay will work as my chair is only 14x14 and I dont have cutting tools. Really kicking myself for taking the original off in the first place.

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    Not that hard to cut. Local car mechanic, bike shop, neighbor with a hack saw.

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    I have a small footplate you can have for free. It measures 6" wide and 6.5" deep.

    Otherwise you can buy a new one here:
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    Do you have any of the hardware that goes with it? If you do, I'd buy it off of you. I see the page where one can order parts but I am intimidated by all the pieces. The original was a one piece tubular with no platform. Much more idiot proof.


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    I don't have the hardware, but it can all be found at a hardware store for under $5. Go to ACE or TrueValue-type store (NOT big box like Home Depot) and they will help you. They are very helpful. You can say, "I need to attach this to here, but I don't have any idea what I need." They will figure it out with you. All you need is 2 bolts and 2 stop-nuts.

    If you want the plate, sent your address to me in a PM

    BUT: you need to make sure you have the correct mounting holes. If you are not sure, post a few pics of your current situation here and we can help.
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