There is reed switch that the door trips when it opens all the way that you might check. It's at the end of the track under the ramp. If you feel in there with your finger you can make sure that's clear. Other quick check is to make sure that there is no metal stuck to the magnetic sensors on the ramp either on the ramp or behind the plastic next to the door. This usually keeps the ramp from coming up because the metal stuck to the magnet makes it think it's already there but worth a try. Usually I've had these issues because the ramp is not getting the message that the door is all the way open. Final option is check the wire harness for any visible damage. I've had single wires in the schlep harness fatigue from opening and closing so many time. Just as a note, a hotwire you can use to make it work is to manually pull the ramp down to get in and out. To get it back up you can put it in reverse and this forces it up. Obviously have the brake engaged. You just drop it into reverse quickly and back into park but this should make it come up. It's not ideal but I've had to limp through with that issue for a while because I'm also hours from a fix. Good luck.