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Thread: Apria Healthcare shower chair nightmare

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    Apria Healthcare shower chair nightmare

    I ordered an Active Aid shower chair via prescription through Apria HC and they completely ignored the specific chair specified in the script (been using same model for over 28 years) and gave me what they thought I needed (cheap plastic hotel crap). Their customer service is India based and a complete joke. Every time I attempt to deal with them on the phone I only get an India staffed call center and I spend my time defining elementary words over and over again.

    Avoid Apria for your DME needs, they're just horrible.

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    UPDATE: Apria is listed as an Active Aid retailer. However, they have since stopped working with the Active Aid brand. I can't believe this company stays in business when they won't even take incoming calls live until your item is ready for pickup or delivery. What a total joke of a company!

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