Hey fellow forum members especially those with Neuro pain from their sci injury. I am a T-10 para post 25 years after a horrific crushing accident on the job as a diesel mechanic. To put this in perspective. I was working on a Roll-off truck it's similar to a dump truck. I was under neath the boom and it came down on me. I had around 3000 lbs on my back for around 2minutes until they got a forklift to take it off of me. I have been in chronic pain hell for all these years I am talking from 1 to 10 I was as a 10 24/7. For so many years they wouldn't give me any pain meds just anti depressants. I begged for help told my Dr's I can't take this shit do something or I cam going to take myself out of this world. I finally got approved to go to one of the top pain management in phx Valley Pain consultants. Prior to me going to the pain dr. I had a medtronic baclofen installed under my skin in front of my stomach for severe spasms. Well the Dr didn't want to give me oral pain pills. He wanted to administer low doses of morphine through the pump directly to my spine. Even though I told him several times Morphine doesn't work on me at all Dr. I told him I was over dosed on morphine in the hospital and went into respiratory failure had to go back to ICU. That's a whole different story I won't share. I wasn't getting any relief with the morphine for the first 2 years. I told him I am done you either change the medication to something else. Or I am firing you and going to a new clinic. I fortunately could do that as I have great insurance worker comp and my case manager gave me permission. Well he said ok and changed to he medication to hydromorphone (dilaudid ) it's 4 times stronger than morphine. However I am getting very low doses through out the day and goes directly to my spine. I also got a few oral pills through out the day for break through pain 10/325 percocets. Finally OMG after a new pain pump adjustment and a lot of praying. They did a major increase on my daily dosage and increased it 18 % over last reprogram. I am finally f*ck yeah getting some pain relief first time in 2 4 1/2 years. I am now today at this moment at pain level of 3 I can do that all day long. I typed this real fast because I'm at work and didn't have time to proof read or do punctuation. For those in sever pain and spasms a medtronic pump installed has changed my life Good luck to you!! Nick M. T-10 para phoenix AZ