Looking for new job - (jumped into project in June and they then ran out of funding in September).
Get a call from a recruiter about job in pharma, testing an application I'm familiar with - rate kinda sucks but sounds like a decent opportunity anyway.
I'm told that client requires that I submit a 30-60 second video to introduce myself and give brief ober view of background.
So, initially, he promises to send me a url to accomplish this (I'm thinking Skype?), but the url doesn't work.
So now he wants me to generate a video at my end. I create one on my phone and upload the mp4 file to my PC.
Too big for Gmail without storing to Google Drive.

Question - can anyone weigh in with advice on how you would accomplish this just using your phone?
I can't seem to get my old Samsung S4 to compress video in order to send as a text message.