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Thread: Fs: Go-anywhere sport tub bench (spt)

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    Lightbulb Fs: Go-anywhere sport tub bench (spt)

    Hi, I have a GO! Mobility Solutions SPT chair that I purchased for travel, up for sale.

    I used it for one shower, and realized I was going to struggle with my legs sticking to the cushion. If I didn't have this issue, I would keep it. It's very well made and packaged.

    It is this model:

    with EVERY upgrade option available (back rest, transfer section and both travel bags) in black:

    Select Cushion Color: Black
    Transfer Section: Yes
    8" to 12"-high backrest: Yes
    Travel Bag (Tub Bench): Yes
    Travel Bag (Transfer Section): Yes
    SPT 1 $ 399.00 $ 399.00
    Subtotal: $ 399.00
    Shipping & Handling: $ 43.66
    Tax: $ 0.00
    Order Total: $ 442.66

    I would be willing to sell this for $325 shipped from Nashville Tennessee. Save on shipping and meet me locally ($25 off). Please PM me for more information.


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    Any interest at $250?

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