If you receive a spinal cord injury before starting your career or having any money of your own how do you pay for assistance after becoming disabled? When I broke my neck was in college, living in the dormitories and working graveyard shift at Denny's.

My parents (mom in her fifties and dad 60) did not have any money and neither did I. There were two things I knew, could not live with my parents and could not count on Social Security, even though have paid into it since 1974.

Parents never modified their house, had to pop 2 wheelies to get in the front door and took my showers outside in January with the garden hose. In 35 years they never put a ramp to the front door until my dad needed one.

The Christmas tree and holiday dinner was always on the back porch and they only put a ramp to the porch after relatives saw me having to pop a wheelie in and out when they were visiting. Believe it was so obvious that my parents got embarrassed.

Finished my degree in Business Administration and couldn't find an entry level management position so with the help of Vocational Rehabilitation got a degree in Computer Science. Got my foot of the door with computer skills and then found a well-paying, stable job as a Contract Administrator and a great place to live. Which is a whole story unto itself.

Have no family except one brother who is 6 years older and lives 200 miles north and we have different lives.

What do other people do about caretakers as you age when you have no money and a C6 complete injury?

Know the older I get the more difficult it will be and when, where or at what point do I draw the line?

What have others in my situation the? Have enough money to live but don't have enough money to pay someone to help me.

The Republican tax plan on not allowing deductions for medical expenses really does the people with disabilities another disservice.